Lombok’s Spectacular View from Hilltop

Located well-hidden on the back of Loloan’s village, Loloan Hill will definitely please your eyes with spectacular landscape view of Lombok from top. The mighty Rinjani Mountain could be spotted from far, breath the fresh air while looking at the sea on your east, and take a lot of pictures to commemorate the stunning view at this hilltop. Walk to the top and choose your favorite camping spot for an adventurous yet unforgettable experience.



The Secret Waterfall Retreat

Off the radar to most travelers, the picturesque Mangku Sakti Waterfall serves as a great site for Lombok’s waterfall checklist. Hidden between two steep and rocky hills, the trail can be easily navigated, providing pleasure for almost all types of travelers. The whole trail, which is mostly downhill, takes about 1 hour, but travelers may opt to cut the first 45 minutes through a rather rough motorbike ride. Pass through peaceful and lush meadow and savannas of Rinjani’s hillside, walk through the forest and climb the big rocks to reach the waterfall. Follow the river path to capture all of the site’s distinctive scenes and swim by the falls!



Authentic Indonesian Village Life

Located in North of Praya (district town of Central Lombok) approximately 1.5 hours drive from Kuta, you will arrive in a village called ‘Mas-Mas’. Enjoy a trip through the beautiful village of Mas-Mas. See the beautiful nature, experience hospitality and get in contact with the locals. Mas-Mas Village offers guided tours through the village and surrounding. From meeting the village head, visiting the village’s school, observing the making of kerupuk, to experience making the bamboo handicrafts, you are going to be entertained all day! This village invites you to have a closer look to its society, enjoy the romantic landscape and getting closer with the locals.



The Mother of Indonesian Volcanoes

With an elevation of 3,726 meters above sea level, the mighty mountain of Rinjani serves as the highest point in Lombok. Often referred by many mountaineers as the ‘mother of all mountains’, Mount Rinjani combines all the possible scenes of tropical volcanoes. The trail includes forest, savanna, natural hot springs, rocks, sand, and even ice near the summit. Within its huge caldera, travelers can also find a massive and deep lake of Segara Anak (Child of The Sea). Part of 66,000 hectares national park, the mountain is sacred for locals, where many pilgrimage journeys are made here annually.



The Last Stand of Sasak’s Most Traditional Heritage

Hidden within North Lombok lies three traditional villages, Sembage, Semokang and Gelumpang. Travelers will first arrive in Gelumpang, a large village with more than 200 family heads. This slightly modern village is the jumping point to the other two villages. Sembage village, some 5 kilometers further uphill passable only by motorcycle, is the last-known Sasak village which does not allow any modern technologies. Less than 100 family heads have lived here and maintain their strict tradition, refusing any modernization. Further uphill is the village of Semokang, which consist of only three houses and one berugaq. This is where the village and religious leaders stay. Remote and untouched by tourism, the villages present a rare opportunity to go back hundreds of years and observe a true Sasak lifestyle.



Astonishing Waterfalls and Traditional Village

Situated in the valley of the famous Rinjani Mountain, Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep are the famous waterfalls that offer spectacular view in the deep tropical rain forest. Sendang Gile is known for its two level of twin waterfalls, where the local legend believes that it was the trail of Anjani goddess that resides in the Segara Anak crater. On the other hand, Tiu Kelep means splashing pond that was believed by the locals as the place where the fairies take a bath due to its spectacular beauty. Throughout the entire journey, the visitors will be amazed by the beautiful wilderness of Rinjani’s national park. Continue a little further uphill and visit Senaru’s traditional village, home to the many guides and porters to Rinjani, and immerse in well-preserved native life. Take the hike and enjoy the amazing wonders of Senaru, where your senses will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.



Lush and Surreal Rice Terrace

The everlasting green of Teres Genit is a lesser known destination for rice terrace walk. However, this area hosts Lombok’s most beautiful rice terrace field. Stroll around the area, breath the fresh air, and take as many picture as you can. Once you are feeling tired, sit at the berugaq / gazebo, enjoy picnic lunch, and interact with the local farmer. Take a step further and get your feet wet to plant one or two paddies of your own. Almost completely non-commercialized, this is the place to truly feel and appreciate local farming life.



Arguably the best sunset spot in Lombok

A black sand beach located at North Lombok, near Senaru area, 1.5 hours away from Mataram. Gondang Beach is not too crowded, framed by tall coconut trees, facing straight West for your most convenience and astonishing view of the sunset. Additionally, you can also taste ‘fish satay’ while enjoying the sunset.



Amazing Thread-like Waterfalls

Situated at the southwest slope of Rinjani National Park, the sleepy village of Aik Brik is blessed with five beautiful waterfalls. Two of them stand out as the famous spot: Benang Setokel and Benang Kelambu. Represented well by its first name (benang, which means thread), both falls are characterized by their thread-like, smooth and silky water droppings. Though quite touristic, its beauty is a must for all travelers.

Three other waterfalls are less famous, but are as interesting as the former two. The easiest to reach is Pengkelep Udang, just 5 minutes away from Benang Setokel. Adrenaline junkies will find this place exhilarating with the 7 to 9 meters jumping to the bottom of the falls. The other two waterfalls are hidden within the forest and offer much cooler and pristine water, Kelewun and Sesere. Reaching these two waterfalls requires physical fitness and a sense of adventure. The trail includes steep stones, jungle walk, water pipe balance walk, and river crossing, through many deep forest pits.

Travelers who make it through the trail will be rewarded with almost-guaranteed private falls for them to relax and unwind from the journey.



Picturesque Hilltop Forest

Cutting through the famous Senggigi in the west and the laidback Tanjung in the north, the area of Pusuk is a charming protected forest set among the hills. Notable for connecting the old city to North Lombok, Pusuk Pass is visited more frequently to encounter the monkeys lurking in its forest. Due to lack of food in their natural habitat, the monkeys surface near the streets waiting for travelers to stop and share their snacks. And they choose quite a place to do so; a beautiful viewpoint through the forest where Gili Meno is clearly visible! Pay a short visit here and befriend the charming monkeys.



Balance of Nature and Entertainment

Being the closest island compared to the other two Gilis, Gili Air is geared towards tropical island explorers who prefer the grass roots atmosphere of this island and the feeling of really being part of a close knit local community. This island is traversable by foot in around two hours, and offering slow pace of life to those who really want to escape the hustle and bustle of busy modern life.

Even-though this island is small, but it offers wide range of accommodation and enough entertainment to keep travelers enjoy the peaceful night in Gili Air. The swimming is shallow along the coast with white sandy beach, ideal for snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing on the beach with your family.

Experience the perfect getaway with your loved ones in Gili Air where you can enjoy the perfect balance between tranquility and entertainment vibe.



Romantic and Peaceful Island Retreat

The island of Meno is a place to live a slow beach life. Peaceful and quiet, it is the perfect retreat for lovers and families seeking a more private Lombok experience. Excellent snorkeling opportunity lies just few meters offshore, with an incredibly high chance of spotting turtles than anywhere else in Lombok. Divers will also find some interesting spot suitable even for beginners, with Meno Coral Wall particularly interesting to see beautiful soft corals, fish, and seahorse.

Take the journey on ground and do the two hours beautiful walk along the beach of the island. Stop at the saltwater lake and enjoy the many birds singing particularly on sunset. Pay a visit to the Bird Park and get up close with many local and imported bird collections. Visit the island’s turtle sanctuary where you can observe baby turtles, or come at summer time and release 3 months old turtles back into the sea. But take as much time as you want in this island, enjoy Meno’s timeless experience.



The ‘Neverland’

The small island of Trawangan sees almost all the big action in Lombok. Living up to it’s ‘a.k.a’, The ‘Neverland’, travellers of all kind can find themselves at home. The island is extremely diverse, with visitors coming from all over the planet. Active visitors have plenty of opportunity to enjoy various water sports, diving (including one of very few free-diving school in Southeast Asia) and snorkeling. The island also offers interesting vibe to experience; from village life, horseback riding, and climbing the hill. Those looking for peace can still find it here in the northwestern part of the island as well as further inland. The southeastern part of the island also offers plenty of shopping opportunity as well as top-notch beach clubs, bars, and restaurants. As the sun sets, most visitors go down from the picturesque sunset spot to the nearby market strip, where nightlife kicks in with loud DJ music and reggae bar. All these accompanied with gorgeous resorts and beach retreats that comes in all style and luxury.



Picturesque Hindu Temple with Peculiar Hollow Rock

The temple of Batu Bolong is simply Senggigi’s most valuable destination. Set above batu bolong, which translates to a stone with a hole, the Hindu temple sees frequent religious activities and ceremonies. Travelers are welcomed to observe these activities and join in a prayer. But beyond cultural insights, take the narrow path through the hole and gaze upon Senggigi’s famous sunset. The breathtaking view is surely a must for all travelers claiming to have visited Lombok’s mainland.



A Symbol of Religious Assimilation in Lombok

The temple of Lingsar and Wektu Telu was built in 1714 by Anak Agung Gede Ngurah, a Balinese king who ruled Lombok. Being Moslem (or Wektu Telu to be specific) region since before the arrival of Balinese, the temple was a symbol of peaceful assimilation; the temple where the religions of Moslem and Hindusim converge. Hindu prayers are led by pedanda while Moslem prayers are led by perpangku. The tradition is well preserved until today, where travelers visiting the site in December can witness perang topat or mutual prayer between the two religions. Go through the temple and learn about the unique cultural assimilation in Lingsar. And if you are into a challenge, try the fun twist by luring the ‘holy eel’ out of its hole.



Signature Sunset of West Lombok

The two hills of Malimbu is one of the best spot to enjoy one of Lombok’s finest sunset. With Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air visible on one side and the view of Bali on the other side, the spot is extremely famous for locals and travelers. Though crowded at times, Malimbu Hill is still a must for all to take a postcard picture snap of Senggigi. Sip coconut water and take a spot in the hill. Feel the wind and watch the sun sets.



Historical Palace for Culture Enthusiasts

The palace is dated to the 18th century, it is the palace where the Balinese king Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karangasem was used to spend his summer retreats. Considered as a sacred destination for Hindu pilgrims, the complex hosts a holy spring water pool representing the replica of Segara Anak, the crater lake residing in the Rinjani volcano where the king used to meditate. Its water, believed as one of the purest on earth, flows in the pool through the springs of Awet Muda, the Indonesian term for ‘Fountain of youth’. The climbing staircase dominating the pool reproduces the steep walk toward the volcano’s crater. Beyond a place where the pilgrims can gain eternal youth by washing from the holy springs, the spot is considered a crucial site for Shiva worshippers.

The palace preserves a mystic atmosphere and a suggestive environment suitable for any type of travellers. Sit on the bench where the king Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem was used to observe his concubines having bath in the pool. Take your adrenaline ride running the 100 meters zip-line over the lake.



Explore the culinary creations those are truly Lombok

Like many places in Indonesia, Lombok is also notorious for their culinary prowess. The most infamous one if Ayam Taliwang, grilled chicken dish with glistening sambal on top. Lombok also offers variety of satay, like Sate Rembige (spicy beef-based satay dish), Sate Bulayak (satay served with lontong ketan known as bulayak) and fish satay. If you are not sure about what to eat, Lombok also has a package dish, Balap Puyung, where they serve rice with several side dishes (both vegetable and protein alike) on the side. Last but not least, you can try Plecing, an infamous sambal concoction usually served on top of blanched water spinach.



The only pearl farming site in Lombok

Autore Pearl Farming: a floating boutique in the middle of water, which serves as the laboratory of pearl creation. Observe the making of the glamorous ‘gemstone’ and see how they cultivate the raw material into the beautiful pearl we all know and love. You can see the process from the very beginning, where they farm and grow the mollusk into oysters, into the very end, where they harvest the pearl. Additionally, you can also shop for various kinds of pearls here.



A little adrenaline shot to your adventure in Lombok where you ride a tube individually through the river

River Tubing is a kind of watersport similar to rafting, where you ride a tube individually through the river. It is a tad bit extreme especially in rougher part of the river, but very safe with all the provided equipment. Very recommended for the adrenaline junkie seeking some thrill in your visit to Lombok, or groups who want to try new experience of watersport, not on the ocean, but on the river.



The biggest traditional market in Lombok

The biggest buying and selling hub of Lombok, Gunungsari Traditional Market famed by its size and the variety of products offered. You can find almost every day-to-day need here, from groceries, clothes, to the other staple equipments. Gunungsari is the place to find real Indonesian spices, like cengkeh, kunyit, jahe, etc.



Traditional villages where you can explore the indigenous life of Lombok locals

Karang Bayan is one of Lombok’s traditional village. Witness how the local lives, with their traditional house, custom, culture, and way of life as the Sasak Tribe does. You can do village tour where you can meet and interact with them.



The Kota Tua of Lombok, where you will be taken on a metaphorical road less travelled into the historical stories of Lombok

Lombok is very well-known for their beaches and sea adventures, but some people like history more and we can offer you the delightful insights into the history of Lombok. Explore the indigenous tradition, archaeological findings, and colonial leftovers in Mataram Museum. Visit the nooks and crannies of Ampenan Old Town riding the cidomo, Lombok’s traditional horse carriage. You can make stops at unique restaurants and the oldest coffee shop in Lombok along the ride. You can also see how different ethnics live side by side, true to its status as a seaport. Lastly, take a walk to Ampenan Harbor, an old harbor that used to be the hub of trading in Lombok.



A fisherman village in Montong area

Observe and learn how the fishermen do their activity in the morning at Montong Fisherman Village. The fishermen in Montong don’t use too many fancy equipment, so you can learn more knowledge about how they work as traditional fishermen. Take a walk around the village and interact with the locals. You can join them to process fresh off the boat fishes and cook them into delicious dishes you can feast on together.



An exclusive private dinner and bonfire by the beach

Have the beach for yourself in a stylish private dinner at Setangi Beach. A private chef will serve you a 3-course menu, along with an enjoyable acoustic performance. Spend the night at Setangi Beach accompanied by a pleasant bonfire to make your night even warmer. Encounter new experience like never before.



The Most Scenic Bird-Eye View in Lombok

In the height of 1,670 meters above sea-level, this park is located on a hill North of the Sembalun Village. The word ‘Pergasingan’ taken from the word ‘Gasing’ and the top of the hill keeps a history of Sembalun locals. The locals used to play a game to reach the top, but this beautiful place now changed into a National Park where visitors used as a place to train themselves before climbing Mount Rinjani.

Pergasingan Hill is the perfect place for camping and also a heaven for all photographers who seek for stunning view. With its three hours hike per way, a trip to Pergasingan Hill is a must for all hiking-addicts; and the highlight of the trip is to witness sunrise from the east part of the hill inside the forest.



Stunning Landscape of Sembalun Valley

Even though Selong Hill is the lowest hill in Lombok, the view that this hill offers is not something you should miss for. Most people believes to hike a hill, you need at least an hour to reach the top. But Selong Hill is an exception, as you just need a mere 5 minutes to get the amazing view of Sembalun from top. The mighty Mount Rinjani and Sembalun Village are located on the left side, while Pergasingan Hill located on the north. To add the experience, you can witness Bukit Anak Dara on the east side of this hill as well.

On the way there, you would also go through a magnificent bamboo forest. Breathe in the fresh air of the forest and enjoy the walk to appreciate the view. If the view that Selong Hill gives is not enough, you can continue to hike the hill just right behind Selong Hill, and enjoy more scenic view of North Lombok from top.



Breathtaking Valley of The Mountains

Situated at a steep slope of mount Rinjani, Sembalun offers beautiful panoramic view of traditional Indonesian village and rice field terraces unfold in the valley against the background of the still active volcanoes. This beautiful valley is also known for its hill walks in the protected wilderness and fresh cool atmosphere, where you can hike or drive up to its peak, Pusuk Sembalun, for breathtaking view.



Rich and Well-preserved Traditions and Arts

On the foothills of Rinjani National Park to the east, lies a sleepy village of Tetebatu. From there, travelers can visit the nearby villages of Pringgasela, Loyok, and Penangkak; three very interesting cultural center. Pringgasela is home to Lombok’s most creative weaving practice (or kain songket in local language). Loyok is home to Lombok’s bamboo handcrafting. Penangkak is home to Lombok’s traditional pottery (or gerabah in local language). Much less commercial than its western relatives coupled with very friendly villagers, the sites serve as a great way to observe and experience unspoiled local art. Additionally, the rice terrace of Lendang Nangka provides beautiful panoramic walk.

Walk through the village, observe the art making, and try to do some for yourself. Discover the local kept secret of ‘painterry’, combining weaving, pottery and painting. Take a walk at the rice terrace of Lendang Nangka.

Learn to Weave, Make Pottery, and Bamboo Furniture: Wander through the different villages as locals will show you their weaving, pottery and bamboo collection. Should you wish, they can teach you how to make one for you to take back home. And in addition, you can also visit the fusion art of ‘painterry’ and try your hands as a visual artist.

Panoramic Walk at Lendang Nangka: A blissful rice terrace walking experience is a wonderful option to spend your time in these villages.



Amazing Underwater Life and Exquisite Island Experience

Overlooking Sumbawa island to the east and Rinjani mountain to the west, the four islands in the group of Northeast Gilis present fantastic landscape view and marine life. Travel to the sleepy fishing village of Sambelia and set sail to visit the four islands: Gili Kondo, Gili Bidara, Gili Petagan, and Gili Kapal. Being the only island with berugaq or gazebo, Gili Kondo serves as the center of life around this island. Its decent snorkeling just offshore is excellent to spot many aquarium fish. Venture further to Gili Bidara and Gili Petagan for even better snorkeling; with the latter housing tons of beautiful clownfish and massive soft coral garden. Drop a visit to Gili Kapal, a small patch of sand providing wonderful photography opportunity. Depending on the tide, travelers can also find submerged but shallow sand that goes some one hundred meters to the ocean.



Breathtaking Landscape of Desolate Islands and Picturesque Pink Beaches

The whole southeast area of Lombok remains one of the least visited area in the island, yet it hosts picturesque cliffs, limestone, beaches, and some of the most amazing corals and sea life. The solitary village of Merengke provides a great starting point, with amazing sand that cross the ocean. Gili Pasir and Gili Telu provide beautiful picture opportunities, with the latter providing the area’s most beautiful underwater life. Visitors can also experience three distinctive pink beaches and a lagoon-shaped Semangkuk beach, which has soft white sand and abundant corals.

Hop on a boat to explore all the hidden beaches and Gilis of the southwest. Take lots of pictures, snorkel and relax on the beach. Enjoy seafood barbeque lunch in one of the isolated beaches and live the castaway vibe.



Astonishing Cliffs at The ‘End of The World’

Situated in the tip of South East Lombok, Tanjung Ringgit is the hidden gem that offers magical view of Indian Ocean. The spectacular cliff view enriched with the historical remnants from Japanese colonization era provides interesting experience for those who are looking for unusual journey. Witness the magnificent cliff view that will amaze you and your loved ones, or explore many interesting sites such as the only fresh water well at the bottom of the cliff and large man made cave that was used as bunker by the Japanese army during World War II.



Infamous world-known surfing spot

Notorious with the moniker ‘Ekas Breaks’, Ekas is a famous surfing spot for surfers all over the world. The waves are great for learners, oldies, and long-boaters. Some said that the waves in Ekas are simply world-class.



Lombok’s Biggest Cultural Festival

The annual festival of Bau Nyale (or catching sea worms) is quite possibly the biggest society cultural gathering in Lombok. Embracing the legends of Putri Mandalika; the beautiful princess who plunged to her death from Seger hill to avoid wars, thousands of Lomboknese descend to Seger Beach and collect nyale or seaworms; believed to be the sign of Putri Mandalika’s return. The ritual created surreal and vibrant scene with lights glimmering at the oceanfront.

Every Bau Nyale festival is always topped with cultural performances, night bazaar, and even performance from top Indonesian band. Join us on this annual event as you learn Lomboknese legend and history, immerse yourself in this cultural experience, or even try to catch the seaworms yourself! Oh, and prepare to get wet as it almost always rain during Nyale festival.

Note: This annual festival is a seasonal experience. Enquire to get the dates.



Rich Sasak Tradition in South Lombok

If you are interested to see and experience the vibe of Lombok native tribe ‘Sasak’, then Ende village is the best place for you to visit. Not only you will witness well-preserved traditional houses, but also you can actually learn the traditions and interact with the natives that have been living in this village for generations. One of the unique tradition is to ‘steal the bride’, where one has to kidnap the girl in order to marry her. Witness the rich tradition of Sasak people or stay with the local to fully experience their way of life. Enjoy the traditional meal, join their night gathering, and share the joy with the friendly Sasak people.



Hip Surfing District in South Lombok

Almost a lively village of its own, the hip surfing district of Gerupuk is blessed with beautiful bays, stunning hills, and friendly people. Go here for the amazing surf breaks easy enough for most surfers to challenge. Wrap up the day with a hike up the two hills of Gerupuk and enjoy beautiful Indian Ocean sunset with stunning bay formation as its backdrop.



Heavenly Beach Escape

Beautiful beach of Mawun is the postcard picture of Lombok’s southern coast. Lush hills cutting from the left and right and its small opening to the open ocean makes this place a must for panoramic photography. Although the current is strong, the beach offers great walks and shallow swimming just off the coast. The strong sun also presents an opportunity for great sunbathing. Take it slow in this heavenly place. Try the fruit shake from one of the local shacks and enjoy the picturesque bay, best viewed in the morning.



Unique Pepper-ish sand and Gorgeous Viewpoint

Seger beach offers exotic view with cliffs and hills beside it. Known for its white and peppery sand that often extends as far as 200 meters, Seger beach provides great beach-combing experience. Once a year, the site also serves as the center of Bau Nyale, Lombok’s biggest celebration ritual of collecting sea worms. Enjoy a lazy day on Seger Beach, or climb the hills and witness the spectacular sunset view.



Fun and Lively Escape

Selong Belanak beach is a beautiful long beach with white sand. It is known as one of the most prestigious beaches in Lombok tourism, especially in the aspect of beauty and cleanliness of the beach. The beach has a curvy crescent shape with hills on each side. Selong Belanak is well known for its glittering soft white sand and sloping contour, and its mild wave that is ideal for beginner surfers. Explore the beach, sunbathing, swimming, surfing, or simply you can spend a wonderful day in Selong Belanak by relaxing on the beach with the people that you love.



Surreal and Jawdropping Rocky Beach

Semeti beach offers a surreal and completely different experience with incredibly unique and never seen before rock cliff along with its natural aquarium filled with coral reefs, gigantic rock, crabs, and small fishes. The rock’s shapes are truly out-of-this-world, resembling crystal boxes that looks more like Mars (or Planet Krypton) than earth. The rocks also host incredible crashing waves and water plumes. Together, they combine to create one of Lombok’s most stunning sunset.



The Premiere Diving Destination

One of Lombok’s widest bay, the area of Belongas is known as the island’s diving Mecca. Its remoteness is well reflected by the name of local village in the area, Sepi, which means ‘quiet’ in bahasa. The star attractions are the big two sites: The Magnet (Batu Kapal) and The Cathedral (Gili Anak Ewok). The Magnet, located furthest from land, is a pinnacle in the open sea where divers can encounter tuna, barracuda, white and black tip reef sharks, as well as BOTH Scalloped Hammerhead and Great Hammerhead Shark, which makes it one of only three places in the world where both sharks coexist. The Cathedral is another large pinnacle notable for the schools of sea snake, eagle rays, tuna, mackerel and barracuda.

Note: Belongas Bay is reserved from extremely advanced divers. Its strong current, topped with dives more than 50 meters deep is NOT for beginners. As such, we will require you to present an appropriate diving license. Enquire and we will provide you the full details.



Gili Layar, Gili Rengit, and Gili Asahan – The Secret Part of The ‘Secret Gilis’

Floating in the sparkling turquoise water just off the South West coast, separated further west by a cape in Sekotong, are seven small islands called the South West gilis. Unlike the famous North West gili islands, many of the south west islands are inhabited and have yet to be discovered. Among the thirteen, there are 4 famous ones where you can enjoy glorious white sand beach, beautiful reef just offshore for snorkeling, or enjoy the tranquility of not disturbed by the crowds.

Explore the secret islands in South West Gilis, enjoy the full experience on the beautiful, peaceful and unspoiled beaches. Try one of Lombok’s best snorkeling here. One of the island, dubbed the coral garden by locals, have many variety of soft corals and fish. Another island with extremely wide hard corals area. Relax and enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset in the other two island. Be like Robinson Cruise and feel the island castaway sensation.



Calm and Peaceful Island Retreat

Four small islands (gilis) form a group of secret gilis; Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, Gili Kedis, and Gili Tangkong. These four islands are known for their white sandy beach with calm wave and guaranteed privacy; no beach traders or unwelcomed visitors. Gili Kedis is an extremely small island, which reveals itself once in a while, with soft white sand where travelers can enjoy calm wave ideal for snorkeling and swimming. After relaxing morning on the beach, Gili Sudak offers a beautiful experience to have lunch with fresh ingredients from the sea and young coconut. The most famous of all is the sleepy island of Gili Nanggu, where snorkelers will find lots of unique fishes swimming around the beautiful corals. When you stay in Gili Nanggu, make sure you catch sunset in our secret spot to witness spectacular view to end the day.



A hidden paradise with adventurous access

Tunak Conservation Area also known as ‘TWA (Taman Wisata Alam) Gunung Tunak’.

Tunak can be accessed through motorcycle ride or 4×4 offroad car, though the car is more suggest-able for your safety since the road is really bumpy. This site is truly one of a kind, which includes many things that is really pleasing to the eye: golden sand, limestone walls, acres of jade grass, forest with hundreds of butterflies, tall reefs overlooking the ocean, and aquamarine sea. Once you arrived in Tunak, you can have options to go up the hill or just chill by the beach. To walk up the hill to reach the tower, you will need around 1-2 hours return trek.



Surreal Waterfall Effect

Bordering South Lombok and Sekotong in the Southwest, Nambung Beach is one of the best-kept local secret. At first glance, this is just another ordinary beach. But through the rocky path on the left side of the beach, you will find what we call a waterfall effect. You will know what we mean!